Advantages of Using Automatic Doors Fitted With Safety Sensor

These days, you will find doors that come with automatic door safety sensors. These have automatic opening and closing systems and the mode of operation will work through pressure applied on areas adjacent to the floor or have highly advanced door safety sensor systems such as CCTV cameras, infrared cameras, fingerprint sensors, voice recognition systems, etc.

In this article, we will take you through some of the common advantages that you get by installing advanced automatic doors that are fitted with automatic door safety sensors.

Generally, you will find automatic doors installed in shopping malls or commercial places such as offices and industries. From an aesthetic point of view, the automatic doors are pleasing to look at and give a first impression as soon as the client or customer walks to your business premises. On the other hand, they have much more complex door opening and closing systems that also fortify your business from unauthorized entry.

Let’s have a look at some of the advantages of using an automatic door safety sensor in your business.

Easy entrance and better monitoring

Generally, one big advantage that automatic doors have is that they don’t require any manual operation to open or close. This ensures a smoother entrance and exit for everyone. These advanced doors also have built-in automatic door safety sensors that are fitted with CCTV cameras, alarm systems, smoke detectors, and infrared cameras that allow you to closely monitor every movement within your business premises.

Remote control sensors

The automatic doors can also be operated remotely from a distance using remote control operations. This can come in handy when your business hours are over but the employees still are coming in and going out of the premises. You can conveniently open and close the doors without getting up from your table. Even this gives you far better security from unauthorized entry, as you can just allow the door to not open if you don’t want someone to come into your office. In a more advanced automatic door safety sensor, the auto controls can be overridden with the remote controls.

High in energy savings

If you have to open doors in the offices and your office is air conditioned, then this will also lead to much energy loss due to the cold air escaping out of the open doors if it are left open. There is no point stating that an open door also does not provide your business premises with any form of security, unlike an automatic door safety sensor. Using the automatic doors leads to much more energy savings and lower electricity bills as the doors will open and then shut instantly without remaining open.

Better for logistical bays and warehouses

The warehouses and logistics bays have incoming and outgoing pick-up vehicles that require the gates to be wider. In such areas, you cannot install any of the traditional versions of a door. Your only option is to go for an automatic door fitted with automatic door safety sensor. In any warehouses, there is too much activity with workers and pickup trucks coming and going. It would be just too tedious to open the door and then close it back each time. Hence, an automatic door allows for a much smoother option.


These are just some of the many benefits offered by automatic door safety sensor and if you plan to install them, look for a reputed company that can manufacture, deliver and install the doors for you.

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