7 Outfits for Every Summer Event

7 Outfits for Every Summer Event

Summer is that season when you’ll be out and about as you’re soaking up the sun’s rays. This is your chance to look effortlessly stylish and chic for any occasion under the sun. From that glamorous rooftop party in a cocktail dress to lounging at the pool in your best swim cover-up, we’ve got you … Read more

Top 5 Child-Friendly Activities to do in Rome, Italy

7 Must-Haves for Your Toddler’s Spring Wardrobe

It’s time to refresh your toddler’s spring wardrobe! The season’s must-have looks for preschoolers include soft twirl dresses and comfy overalls. With so many fresh prints and bold colors, you’ll add instant sunshine to their closet. We’re crushing on toddler clothes made with snuggly bamboo viscose. This hypoallergenic and eczema-friendly fabric is soft on the … Read more

Make Mother’s Day Extra Special This Year!

How to Make Mother’s Day Extra Special This Year!

With Mother’s day around the corner, have you planned what you would like to gift your mother this year? We can never undermine the role played by our mother in our lives and Mother’s Day is the perfect time to make her feel special and loved all the more. So what are you planning to … Read more

5 Fun Ways to Spend Mother's Daya heading

5 Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

April is almost over and Mother’s Day will come knocking at our doors in almost no time. This is why you should be prepared for it in advance, because nobody likes presents or surprises which were made two minutes to midnight. Every mom will be delighted with small things, like a bouquet of roses, a … Read more

Mother’s Day

Special Mother’s Day for Every Type of Mom

Celebrate the extraordinary bond between mothers and their children with a heartfelt tribute to every type of mom on this special Mother’s Day. From the nurturing and affectionate to the strong and resilient, mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities. It is almost a few weeks before Mother’s Day comes, and it is just … Read more

French Women Fashion

8 Fashion Secrets to Steal From French Women

There is a mysterious flavor or French women’s stylishness. When you ask anyone to describe that style, you usually get the answer: chic, stylish, couture, classic, oh well, all in all, perfect. And they make everything look so effortlessly gorgeous. Wouldn’t you just love if you could get in the French woman’s wardrobe and rob … Read more

Undemanding Hobbies for Your Retirement

Undemanding Hobbies for Your Retirement

Although, as a species, we are getting less and less mobile and active, sports are still, by far, most popular hobbies in the world. The reasons behind this are many, amongst which the most important are notions of them being fun, healthy and friendly way of spending your time. Still, when it comes to sport … Read more

Boutique Clothing: A Way Forward to Reinvent the Idea of Fashion With Personalized Clothing

The world of fashion has moved far from thriving on popular fashion trends to personalized dressing that essentially reiterates personal comfort and ease of wearing clothes. Gone are those days when someone used to emulate blindly on the kind of apparel flaunted by a superhero in a blockbuster movie or a rock star. In the … Read more