Dress to Impress in the Office

It seems like quite a challenge to find the ideal clothing for work, whether you work in a casual, corporate or creative environment.

Online and in stores, finding clothing suppliers can be a daunting experience. But the good news is, there are actually loads of different corporate styles out there and you can play around with the fashion that works best for you and your environment.

A passion for fashion can be both a blessing and a nightmare. Let’s face it: how many of us actually wake up on a Monday morning singing for joy and getting up an hour earlier just to try on an outfit or six for work?

So finding the right outfits for you and your office can make mornings a whole lot easier. There’s less chance of you running late so many times a week, confused, upset and feeling bland because of your wardrobe choice.

What exactly should you be wearing to work? This is one important question from Monday through to Friday. Take a deep breath. Clothing suppliers can help suggest creative, funky and functional corporate attire that will have you feeling fabulous all week long.

Take a look at these five outfit ideas to help you get through your week.

The Classic Office Look

This is undoubtedly the most common corporate look and also the easiest way to dress for the office, no matter what job you do or in which position. It’s also the most likely look to leave you bored and looking boring—unless you take note of this top tip: always pair your outfit with a statement piece. Whether it’s a fun necklace or funky pair of shoes, bright lips and nails, or a sassy watch,. It’s all in the details.

The Casual Business Look

We all know this one—the “can I really wear jeans to work” look. If you work in a casual environment, this is one of the easiest looks to pull off, and clothing suppliers are in abundance. The main thing is to wear high heels or wedges with your jeans paired with a smart yet feminine top like structure shirts, men’s shirts or silky blouses. A professional bag and blazer will take the look from weekend relaxed to office-ready. You can have a lot of fun with accessories with the casual look, including bags and shoes, depending on your work environment.

The Careless Chic Look

If you have a little more of a penchant for fashion but somehow manage to look like you don’t care in the world about how you look, this is the style for you. A trained fashionista’s eye will know you’re definitely street-style-worthy. The tip for pulling off this look in terms of corporate wear is to clash different styles and play around with shapes and looks. Shoe-wise, heels are best for this look but oxfords and brogues do the trick as well.

The Glam Office Fashionista

For the woman who wants to rule the world, glam is the way to go. Think sky-high heels, bright lips and outfits that can go from the 9am boardroom meeting to after-dinner cocktails. The big must-have is fancy, fabulous heels. Pair with rich fabrics, silky blouses, pencil skirts, or long trousers and spritz some expensive perfume on your neck. Don’t forget a statement necklace, huge bag and funky watch. This is the kind of style you want to flaunt but can still look professional and ready for the work day.

The Sophisticated Office Dresser

This one is easy to do, according to clothing suppliers. But you need a little training. The best thing to do is experiment as much as you want and enjoy having fun with clothes. Try to always wear at least one statement piece and feel free to clash styles. For a starter, use a classy look and then add items that compliment your personality and career. Men-inspired looks coupled with sexy heels, big bling and hats—denim or pencil skirts—are the way to go.

Choosing corporate attire can and should be fun. It can be easy to match your personality and personal style.