Special Mother’s Day for Every Type of Mom

Celebrate the extraordinary bond between mothers and their children with a heartfelt tribute to every type of mom on this special Mother’s Day. From the nurturing and affectionate to the strong and resilient, mothers come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities.

It is almost a few weeks before Mother’s Day comes, and it is just about the right time for you to start planning how you will spend it with your mother. The first thing you should remember is that the focus should be on her, which is completely contradictory to what was previously said—it should not be about you but about her. Most mothers will actually love spending time with their family, so instead of booking some fun activity for her alone, which is a no-no, you should plan to gather your family in order to celebrate your mother and all mothers in the family. Plan ahead and think of all the details, such as what ‘type’ of mom you have, because some of them may not like the same activities.

Career Mom

There are a range of activities you can organise for a working mom. If your mom is a woman of career but finds some areas of the internet or some other computer skill difficult to deal with, instead of paying her for a pricey class, you can teach her yourself. Your mom will appreciate the patience you have as well as the quality time you guys spend together. You can take her to lunch at a restaurant that is famous for networking and tell her stories about important deals that were made there. And at the end, you can go to a career-oriented clothes shop where you can buy her designer clothes as a gift.

Fit Mom

Fit moms love being fit, especially on Mother’s Day. What you can do with your mom is that you can sign her up for a marathon race and surprise her by signing yourself up as well. If your mom is a runner and you are not, you can engage alongside her by cheering for her and waiting for her at the end of the race. Personal trainer sessions at the gym or doing fitness together are also great ideas. And of course, after your workout is done, you can treat your mom by taking her to lunch at a healthy-food restaurant, where you can eat organic or vegetarian food.

Single/Divorced Mom

Usually, single moms and divorced ones are in search of a soul mate, so you can plan a night out for the two of you. Look if there is a party that evening and make it even more special by finding matching party dresses so that everyone will notice you. If you are lucky, experienced flatterers will call you twins by mistake. Single moms who love their single life can also benefit from your company because you can take them to the theater or to the movies to watch their favourite show or musical.

Reading Mom

If your mom loves reading, you can take her to a bookstore and give her the possibility of picking five books she loves. Do not forget to browse the aisles together with her and remember that it will take you at least two to three hours. This option is much better than buying her a book she won’t even open because you do not know what she actually likes. And if there is a book reading that night, make sure she gets a special inscription by the author.