Support Your Health: Best Supplements for Women of All Ages

For decades, women have been looking for a “secret potion” that will help them remain young, vital and slim. What we always forget is that real beauty comes from within and that it has a direct relationship with our overall health. If we want to be healthy and fit, we need to modify our entire lifestyle, think about what we eat, and exercise regularly.

Numerous studies have shown that food we consume consists of nutrients that play an immense role when it comes to our health. Unfortunately, food isn’t a sufficient source of such nutrients, which usually results in nutrient deficiency and various health issues. That’s why there are numerous supplements designed to improve our well-being, help us fight stress, boost energy and lose weight. What you should always keep in mind is that supplements should never replace food. They are simply added to your diet to fill nutrient gaps and prevent diseases.

Here is the list of most important supplements that are highly recommended to women of all ages.


If you think that calcium needs to be used only by postmenstrual women, you are terribly wrong. The changes in your bones happen in your twenties, when they start losing density. If you aren’t a fan of dairy products or you don’t consume meat regularly, you should definitely go for calcium supplements. It will make your hair, teeth and muscles stronger, as well as prevent numerous diseases, such as osteoporosis. Don’t wait for your forties to start consuming calcium-based supplements; you should start doing it as a teenager.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is produced in our bodies when we’re exposed to sunlight. Another source of this extremely important vitamin is fortified food, such as milk. As you can probably conclude, we can never get enough of this nutrient, especially during the winter. The optimal intake of vitamin D makes our bones stronger, boosts immune system and prevents numerous incurable diseases, including cancer. Vitamin D is especially recommended to pregnant women, women over 50 and those who don’t expose themselves enough to sunlight or consume sufficient amounts of dairy products.

Supplements for killer gym

Hitting the gym also requires consuming numerous supplements that are supposed to boost your motivation while working out and give you strength and energy. Some of the most vital workout supplements are multivitamins, protein powder, creatine, Omega 3’s and so on. Since there is a wide range of important products you should consume while working out, you should maybe try out a pack of them, such as Legion Supplements pack, which is both more affordable and effective.


Iron is another crucial nutrient that raises our energy levels, regulates body temperature and boosts immune system. The lack of this nutrient, especially during the menstruation period, could lead to anemia. Since iron is really important, there are no rules about who should take it. No matter if you are 20 or 60, you should consume iron supplements on a daily basis.

Coenzyme Q10

This amazing nutrient is used in production of numerous body lotions and face creams for it prevents premature aging. Apart from this, coenzyme Q10 improves the production of energy within your cells and protects your heart and blood vessels. All women should take coenzyme Q10 supplements, especially those who are at greater risk of getting cancer or heart disease. If you are a vegetarian, you will also need this supplement because the largest sources of coenzyme Q10 are in meat and fish.

As you could notice, being fit and looking younger is much more than applying your anti-wrinkle creams and hitting the gym. Beauty is the result of your inner well-being. That’s exactly why you need to consider taking nutrients that are vital for your health, both through food and supplements. Consider them a long-term investment because health and beauty don’t happen overnight. Try them out, and you will feel the difference!

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