The 6 Best Things about Fashion & Beauty

Are fashion and beauty all about vanity and frivolity or are there actually good things about them?

I love fashion and beauty. It seems funny that a dedicated career woman and mother of four should be so taken with fashion and beauty. I’ve certainly heard a number of close people express that opinion, and if you are also thinking like that, it means you do not really understand what fashion and beauty are all about.

There is a general perception that anything that is connected to fashion is frivolous or, at best, a mere expression of vanity. But there is so much more to fashion and beauty than looking beautiful. It is a way for people to express themselves and it is also of huge relevance to the global economy. Below are just 6 of the best things about fashion and beauty.

A list of 6 things which make fashion and beauty worth effort:

#1. Promotes self-expression

Each one of us has our own personal sense of style. True, some are less stylish than others, but that does not mean that we don’t have what appeals to us personally. I think one of the best things about fashion and beauty is the fact that two people can show up dressed in identical outfits and still look very different. If you favour a more bohemian style or yours is classically elegant, there is no better way to express that part of yourself.

#2. If You Get Bored, There’s Something New Next Season

Keeping up with all the trends and new styles each season is not something I could do. First of all, my budget would protest but beyond that, some things I see are just not my style. But that’s okay. That is who I am. Yet I think that is one of the best things about fashion and beauty—the constantly changing trends and styles. It means that you do not get a chance to get bored with a certain look before it becomes old-school. You will always have the opportunity to update your wardrobe and your look.

#3. The More Things Change, The More They Remain The Same

There was a time when maxi skirts were all the rage; those were the days of gypsy skirts and flower children. But then the eighties came and miniskirts took over the scene. But before we had the long skirts of the seventies, we also had the really short skirt of the sixties. When it comes to makeup, we had the red, red lips of Marilyn Monroe, which, as it happens, are back again. Fashion goes around in circles. Raiding Grandma’s closet should be an enjoyable experience.

#4. There’s Something For Every Budget

I have heard a few people complain that being stylish is expensive and that is just not true. Remember that real style is about how you put together different pieces of fashion to make a statement. Fashion and beauty do not have to be expensive or outrageous. There is something for every budget.

#5. Feel good about yourself

One of the best things about fashion and beauty is how they make a person feel good. Knowing that I’m well dressed and looking beautiful does a lot for my self-confidence and this is the case with so many other people.

#6. Keeps Millions in Jobs

Apparel and textiles are some of the largest industries in the world. Recent statistics showed that the global apparel market was valued at US$1.7 trillion in 2012 (, while the same industry employed approximately 75 million people.

This is just the apparel industry; we have not even mentioned accessories, beauty products and other industries associated with fashion and beauty. There are so many jobs tied to this sector and without fashion and beauty, there would be so many unemployed people in the world that there would be a global crisis. If you can’t find any other reason to appreciate fashion and beauty, this will do.