5 Fun Ways to Spend Mother’s Day

April is almost over and Mother’s Day will come knocking at our doors in almost no time. This is why you should be prepared for it in advance, because nobody likes presents or surprises which were made two minutes to midnight. Every mom will be delighted with small things, like a bouquet of roses, a pack of special Mother’s Day chocolate, a perfume or something similar, but they will be thrilled with, for example, getting to spend the day with you on that special day. Here are five fun ways which you can start planning for  Mother’s Day this year.

#1. Day off

If your mom is a very busy person, you can give her a day off and prepare her something special. This does not mean taking her to Paris for the weekend if you cannot afford it. No, this means providing her with an injection of love, which will be packed in croissants for breakfast, French bread and cheese lunch, or taking her to a French restaurant so that she can get the flavour of the country. And, if you have decided to prepare this by yourself, do not forget to cover the kitchen or dining table with red-and-white tablecloth and some fresh flowers on the table—just to bring a touch of Paris. Learning some French words, such as bonjour and merci, can be another gift as well.

#2. Wellness day

Every person needs rest, and what can be better than spending the day with your mom in a wellness spa? There, you two (or more of you, because you can invite moms friends as well) will get massages, beauty treatments, and, what is best, you will have the time to catch up on the subjects you have not spoken of for some time due to your busy lives.

#3. Mani/pedicure/hairdressers day

Another (less expensive) option is to take your mother to get a full manicure and pedicure treatment. While you are getting your hand and toe nails done, you can also get a haircut since most of the salons today provide you with multiple service packs. You can even ask to get the same haircut and a matching nail polish colour. This way, some people can think you guys are twins, which will definitely flatter your mom and she will feel fifteen to twenty years younger. What better gift can you give her than an age-reversing treatment?

#4. Shopping day

If your mom is a working woman, you can take her shopping to a shopping mall and tell her that whatever she picks you will pay for it. This is definitely better than buying her a sweater she will never wear. Instead, she can pick (and try on) a pair of e.g. great Mavi denim jeans which she will wear and actually like, since it will remind her of you and the day you guys spent together. Or, if your mom is a reader, you can take her to her favourite bookstore and let her pick five books. This is better than simply giving her a book she will never read, and if you are in luck – you can even run into a reading night and she can get a book signed by her favourite author. How cool would that be?

#5. Simple Celebration

And finally, if your mom does not like big parties or celebrations, it would be best if you made a small and simple celebration which will be memorable and unique. Instead of complicating everything, you can simply give her a voucher for spending the day with you and your family – the present she will appreciate the most.