Prom Dresses and Body Types: How to Pick the Best Dress for You

Despite how many girls may or may not feel about their bodies, there is a great prom dress available for every body type and every girl can, will, and deserves to feel and look fabulous on prom night—or any formal evening for that matter.

From a fuller figure like Adele to a thinner, less curvy figure like Miley Cyrus, fashion has always been able to bring out the best in any body type. So if you are even remotely self-conscious about your body type, don’t be. You’re not doing yourself any favors!

In this article, we are going to briefly take a look at the various body types that ladies typically have and then discuss how to make it look great on prom night!

1. Pear-shaped Body Types

A pear-shaped body type is one where your hips stand out more than your bust, thus making your waist your very best asset! The idea behind prom dresses from online prom dress shopping websites is to flaunt the narrow part of your waist above your hips while adding volume to your bust area. This approach will give the illusion of an hour glass figure!

With this body type, we suggest you try to avoid short hem-lines, fluffy or fluffy skirts, over-sized and/or shapeless dress styles and fabrics that cling to your curves. Instead, consider natural waist lines, tops that are form-fitted, and additional details around your bust area that will emphasize.

2. Apple-shaped Shaped types

When you carry the majority of your weight through the middle of your torso, have thinner stems, and have a somewhat undefined waist, this is what fashion designers consider an “apple” body type.

To look your best with an apple body type, try out some prom dresses that feature an empire waist or a top that’s embellished so you draw the eyes of onlookers upward.

3. Slender Body Types

A girl with a generally thin, straight frame throughout has what designers refer to as a “slender body type”, and to make this body type work with your prom dress, we suggest choosing a prom dress that emphasizes your lean body with a fitted dress, an asymmetrical neckline, or even an empire waist. A nice trendy belt or a slit along the side of your prom dress will also look great on slender girls.

4. Hour-shaped Body Types

If you have some curves and both your bust and your hips are proportionate for the most part, then you’ve got the prized “hour-glass” body type. With this dispensation of body type, your advantage lay in your waist because it is narrower than your bust and your hips—so flaunt it!

You can accentuate your body with prom dresses that have natural waistlines, tops which are form-fitted, v-neck lines, wrap dresses, or glamorous mermaid prom dresses.

5. Petite Body Types

If your height tops out somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 foot 3 inches, you have what designers call a “petite” body type. To dress up your smaller frame, we suggest that you show off those stems (legs) by wearing a short dress or with an asymmetrical hem line. The trick is to choose slim-fit prom dresses at the same time to create the illusion that you are taller than you are, and we suggest pairing it with high heels.

In Conclusion

Any body type can look absolutely fabulous on prom night if you choose the right dress, if you just take the time to know yourself, and if you ask questions at the prom dress shop.