A Foodie’s Guide to Phuket: Must-Try Dishes and Where to Find Them

When in Phuket, eating is definitely a top attraction! There is so much to try and experience in terms of food that it can be overwhelming. Here are three great places to start you off. Any area around these places offers food that you can’t go wrong with. Start here and then explore. Another top attraction in Phuket are the luxury villas. Although this might be another area that can get overwhelming,. Where to stay and how much you should pay come to mind, along with a multitude of questions. Well, if you’re looking for great food, stay in the Patong area and again, you can go wrong.

Patong is great for holidaymakers who want to be near the party scene but also close to shopping opportunities. Patong Beach is known for the nightlife and the nearly three-kilometer-long beach that runs the entire length of Patong’s west side. Here you can find amazing private and quiet luxury villas. Imagine your own private pool, a bedroom for every member of the family, and luxurious spaces to relax, watch movies and enjoy the warm tropical weather. As for where to eat, the following locations will not disappoint:.

One Chun Cafe & Restaurant

It’s owned by the same family for decades, which explains the high-quality food and its charming interior. This spot has many interesting southern-style dishes, like kanom gin kang boo or crab yellow curry with kanom gin noodles and fresh vegetables. The first thing you will notice is that it’s located in an old house with brick walls and strange, eclectic brickabrack on the walls. Normally quite busy for lunch, it’s best to get here early or even in between lunch and dinner.

Thai-style curry is usually served with rice but One Chun serves them with balls of kanom gin noodles. It’s a thin rice noodle that is made from fermented rice. Just pour the crab curry onto the sticky noodle balls and enjoy with the crunchy raw vegetables. One Chun doesn’t skimp on the meat. Chunks of succulent crab in a sweet and creamy coconut milk curry made with a generous amount of Thai basil will hit the spot for a delicious lunch.

Address: 48/1 ถนน เทพกษัตรี ตำบล ตลาดใหญ่ อำเภอ เมืองภูเก็ต Chang Wat Phuket, 83000, Thailand


Located in the Old Town area of Phuket, this special spot was awarded the Michelin Bib Gourmand award and voted one of the best restaurants in Phuket. Come here to discover classic Phuket-style dishes like moo hong, meaning slow-cooked pork belly stew. Moo hong is made by braising pork belly in a delicious marinade made with many aromatic ingredients like garlic, black peppercorn, coriander root, soy sauce, and star anise. It’s slow-cooked for hours to give that soft tenderness that makes it so irresistible. Large chunks of sweet pork belly make Moo hong Phuket’s signature dish.

Address: 48/1 Dibuk Rd., Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand

Ko Ang Seafood

This amazing Phuket restaurant has been around for a long time and is known for its large, fresh and insanely delicious seafood. Located in the heart of Old Town, this charming restaurant has more than just normal food.

They offer more exotic delicacies, like red ant eggs and palm grubs. This is the place if you’re looking for more exotic fare. Another strange delicacy that doesn’t sound so strange is horseshoe crab. They look like crustaceans but they’re actually more closely related to arachnids and they have blue blood. Ko Ang Seafood has yum kai meng da. Translation: spicy horseshoe crab roe salad. In case you didn’t know, you can’t eat the meat of these crabs. What they are hunted for are their eggs. The eggs are served in a fresh green mango salad along with celery, chilli, coriander, onion, and horseshoe crab roe. The eggs don’t really taste like crab, but they have an unexpected texture, different from eggs like caviar.

Address: 226 หมู่ 2 Phuket Rd, Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand

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